Introduction: Turn Two Plastic Bottles and a Hanger Into the World’s Best DIY Bicycle Fenders!

The most sophisticated, durable, efficient, simple, discreet, reliable, unique, soundless (not more clanking), light, eco-friendly, good looking bicycle fenders in the world. And they are free :)

Am I exaggerating? Let's see!

UPDATE: After six months of everyday use in the city (loads of rain), it’s still in perfect condition! I’m genuinely excited with this hack, it really is the best bicycle fender your money can’t buy!

I forgot to put it into the illustration that if you can put reflective stickers on the back of the fender so the drivers can see you in the dark. It even looks cooler that way.

Check the photo to see how it looks on my bike.

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Kiteman (author)2013-09-25

Could you include photos of each step?

bicyclosis (author)Kiteman2013-09-26

The illustration describes any step with detail, I think the photos are unnecessary. Check out the picture of my bike I just added, it makes sense. If you have any question let me know!

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