Turn Your Bra Into a Sexy Baby Doll for Valentine's Day





Introduction: Turn Your Bra Into a Sexy Baby Doll for Valentine's Day

What you need.
  1. One meter of tulle.
  2. Bra
  3. Ribbon
  4. Elastic Band
  5. Scissors
  6. Sewing machine

Good Luck! ;)

Step 1: First Step

Let's Begin!
  1. Measure the bust line, then cut the fabric you need.
  2. Now measure the elastic part around the bust line.
  3. Sew the elastic to the fabric.
  4. Attach the edges as you see in the pictures. (On this part the fabric will look with ruffles).
  5. Sew by hand this part.

Step 2: Second Step

For the last part
  1. Sew the bra to the bottom, also by hand :)
  2. With a ribbon do a bow and sew.

And that's it! A sexy Baby Doll to wear on Valentine's Day! :)



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    that's lovely but how do you wear it? slip it on?

    I personally would put the bow and the ribbon at the back of the bra otherwise I won't be able to get it on. No good fitting bra should be able to be put on like a t shirt.

    Oh i get it ...
    If you don't have the "Costly luxurious Sewing Machine" than buying you baby doll dress is the cheapest method :)

    Sewing machine seems very very costly.

    awww ur so cute :)) nice work btw :)

    Actually I myself would not use Tulle because it is kind of a rough matterial. Maybe Organza is a good sub if you dont like the feel of Tulle?

    this is so akward for a straight girl to watch.

    " i just want to make adress!"

    You make sewing look so easy. very cool!

    Does anyone else fast forward to the part of the video where shes modeling the end result????