Step 6: Mount Tank

Now that we have the Tank Lid and Stand built we need to secure it so that it doesn't shift.

We are going to use two 10 5/8" in threaded rods 1/4" wide along with 2 two 1/4" in wing nuts, four 1/4" in nuts, and two lock washers.

First we need to mark our holes to mount the rods to the bottom of the PC.The best way I found to do this is mark the center front of the tank base. Transfer that mark the the lip of the bottom of the PC case. Then mark the center of the tank lid. Remove the tank base and replace it with the lid. Mark where the 1/4 in holes are on the lid to the bottom of the PC case. Using a drill with a 1/4 bit drill your holes. Run your rod through the bottom if the PC and attach a 1/4" nut. Then on the inside of the PC attach a lock washer and then another 1/4" nut. Tighten it up and repeat for the other side. Once you have your tank in and lid on install a 1/4: in washer and screw on the wing nut. Repeat for the other side and tighten lid down. See pictures for reference.