Picture of Turn your Doodles into treasures!
Ever want to put your doodles on something rad but couldn't quite figure it out? Well, Techshop has got lazer beams and the things to make those doodle dreams come true! 

The things that you will need for this project:

A TechShop membership
A doodle
Balsa or other wood
Sand paper

Step 1: Scan That Doodle!

Picture of Scan That Doodle!
Step 1: Scan your doodle into the computer! You can than use a program such as photoshop or iphoto to clean it up a bit if you like. 

litisha3 years ago
can we use our hand made doodles????
jlburton (author)  litisha3 years ago
Or course! All you gotta do it find a way to scan them into a computer! :)
bajablue3 years ago
I'm an extremely pathetic doodler... but I must say YOUR doodles are amazing!

What a fun project and a thoughtful, endearing gift idea!!!