Step 20: Output using Exported images

Picture of Output using Exported images
Save your work often. You've been doing that, right?

Now we're essentially done, and we should figure out how we're going to output our board for
admiration on web pages, review by peers, transfer to physical PCB material, and so on.

One way to output the board is to "export" an image.

abraxas25 years ago
Sorry but I'm missing something here. I've got a nice picture of components and lines between them. I need artwork, that is to say a black and white transferable image for final etching. I'm not seeing that under export. When I get the export image it's just a copy of the board layout with all these component images included. I just want the conductive lines and pads ???.
westfw (author)  abraxas25 years ago
There was supposed to be a follow-on instructable on getting PCB-ready output files of various sorts, but real life sorta delayed that one.  A couple of other helpful Instructables have shown up from other authors, though:


abraxas25 years ago
I'm using 5.6.0
robnee6 years ago
How does one get the vias added for +V and GND to "unfill"? When I export the artwork these are filled in and I can't see where to drill in the finished board. On my screen too they appear filled where the ones in the photo above are unfilled and would presumably output correctly.
westfw (author)  robnee6 years ago
What are you using to export ? I see the real holes via "export image" and "print", and I can't imagine what would leave the pad holes but fill in the via holes... (also, which version of Eagle are you using?)