Picture of Turn your cellphone into a GameBoy!
This instructable explains how to play Gameboy / Gameboy Color games in your cellphone, using the software MeBoy (free) and some Gameboy / GBC roms (free if you know where to look for!)

Step 1: Getting your stuff

Picture of Getting your stuff
You will need a few things for this instructable.

1. The MeBoy.jar program. get it here: http://arktos.se/meboy/ver/latest/MeBoyBuilder.jar
2. Some Game Boy / GBC roms. I used pokemon gold that you can found here: http://www.pokeyplay.com/descargas_roms.php
3. A Cellphone compatible with java midp2 and conectable to the PC. I used my nokia 5200
4. The lastest version of java: http://java.com/es/download/
5. Your cellphone conection cable

Thats It!

my fone opens the meboy app . after u click on the rom it closes the app plsssss help

The Y3 years ago
My phone says that the file is to big, can i do anything against that?
nametaken4 years ago
im the same way, just the opposite lol
i never understood why nintendo made the n64 with cartridges.
theyre expensive, have limited memory, and bulky
Yet CD wasn't better at the time. Do you know Sega CD? Oh whatever, the point is, CD is way easier to pirate, while cartridges are the opposite.
Would anyone like me to post an instructable on how to do this easier on any android phone? 
Yes, puh-leez! XD That would be awesome man!
But...I can not take pictures of my cell phone with my cell phone and i do not have a camera....
vman12185 years ago
2 questions does it work for at&t and can you still use your phone normally like call, txt,etc.
man this looks awesome but my phone is stupid and my computer doesn't recognize or even know its there but if i get the chance i will try this with a memory card.
can you do this without the cable, and use a micro sd card?
cyrozap6 years ago
Game carts have their own problems as well. The connectors wear down; the batteries (in older carts) die, destroying all your data; The connectors get dirty; all kinds of things. Yes, carts are nice, but they also waste a lot of space, Ex. The NES Carts. Most of them were just air. CDs are also easier to manufacture. Otherwise, great instructable! (although I'd prefer to play my gameboy games on my Jailbroken iPod touch.)
They used Volatile memory?
Also, it destroys nothing, it loses it, not destroy.
santy22 (author)  cyrozap6 years ago
oh, i actually was waiting for someone to get another look at that!
Shabadage6 years ago
Don't link to commercial roms, please.
santy22 (author)  Shabadage6 years ago
Meaning ones that were sold by companies. Pokemon is a commercial ROM, as it was sold by Nintendo. The distribution of commercial ROMs are illegal, and linking to download sites are discouraged on Instructables.com.
Actually, it is perfectly legal to have a free emulator and free downloaded copy of a ROM if you own the system it is emulating and a legal copy of the actual game, as long as you don't put it on a GamBoy compatible memory card and put it in your GameBoy to play a free game illegally.
ReCreate Foaly76 years ago
santy22 (author)  philgenius6 years ago
Sorry. Also, i think the copyright for Gameboy Games is like expired, so a loadshit of games for the GBC are non-commercial
wronger then wrong....US copyright law is 70 years from the last date the game is made. so if something was last made 1930 for example it would become un-copyrighted in 2000
So what? The most average scenario for getting caught downloading roms is a quick, nasty email saying that you need to delete it of your computer, which you probably don't have to do anyway. The worst case scenario is a phone call or a letter. AND for those of you saying its stealing, it's not. ITS SHARING. Peer-to-Peer is perfectly legal, it's just frowned upon by the greedy bureaucrats.
Just was being constructive of your post...no need to go off about a slightly negative comment...not everything is always 100% in your favor
well, it gets very annoying every time someone says ROMs are illegal or ROMs are copy write infringement when they are, in fact, not.
if you own the original cartridge it's all good...
i think you mean a shitload of gamex
I have recommendation for you if your phone is NOKIA with Symbian OS. you're able to play GBA rom sfrom this device.

achannell16 years ago
does this work on verizon phones
santy22 (author)  achannell16 years ago
Try it out!
Login2586 years ago
Hooray! I have the Pokemon Red game, but I don't have a working gameboy. So now I can play it! Thanks.