Picture of Turn your old Dial-Up modem into a USB Hider
If you have an old broken dial-up modem just sitting around and taking up space, then why not turn it into a USB hub? In this Instructable I will show you how to do it.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools needed:

Picture of Materials and Tools needed:
1. A Phone cord with 4 wires
2. An old Dial-Up modem
3. Isolation tape
4. USB extender with female end
5. USB memory stick
6. A phone jack
7. All your basic tools eg. a screw drier 
8. Tubing / Shrink tubing
9. RJ-45 cord (with 4 wires inside)
10. Time

Step 2: Castrate the Male

Picture of Castrate the Male
First you must cut off the male end of the USB extender. You must keep as much wire on the female side as possible. Then strip the plastic, braided shielding, and foil shielding off the wires. The colors will be Black, White, Green, Red (and sometimes Yellow) .If you have a Yellow wire, cut it off as it is useless.

Step 3: Color to color and White to Yellow

Picture of Color to color and White to Yellow
Standard USB colors are whie, black, green, and red. The standard phone jack colors are yellow, black, green, and red. Because of the similarity of colors, this step should be easy. Just match all the colors, and match the white and yellow. Now take each of the four wires from the female USB, and connect them to the matching colors of the phone jack. 
This is a very well done instructable but it has one pretty glaring flaw--it is not a USB hub. A USB hub is a device that you connect to a single USB port and it forks it into 2 or more ports. I propose renaming this very detailed post to something like "hide a USB flash drive in a dial-up modem" or similar.

Top notch work otherwise!
ddvniek (author)  genericpoweruser5 years ago
Thanks! Good idea, I will rename it soon.
USB extender ?
USB Dock?

Cool use for Old Tech.
Just a naming issue.