Turn Your Pet Into a Demon for Free Using Picnik!


Introduction: Turn Your Pet Into a Demon for Free Using Picnik!

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Do you want to turn your pet into a demon, zombie or vampire for Halloween? Easy!

Using Picnik you can, and the best thing is you don't need to upgrade to the premium account to get this look! =]

(The photos of the rabbit and dog I just downloaded from Google Images then edited.)

Step 1: Upload


Click "Get Started Now"

Then "Upload A Photo" and choose a picture from your hardrive.

Then you can Auto Fix it, or play about with exposure using "Basic Edits" I just Auto Fixed it and went straight to "Feautured"!

Step 2: Eyes

The husky already has very pale, blue eyes so I chose Vampire Eyes in Red.

During Halloween it's under "Featured" or any other time of year it's under "Seasonal".

Alter the size of the brush and swoosh over the eyes, you can also fade the colour if you like.
There is also "Ghoul Eyes" a little further down the page is you are going for a more zombie-ish look.

I then used Face Paint, In red with a tiny brush to redden the eyes bit more.

Step 3: Fur

I applied a very faded layer of "Dracular Dermis" in "Fed" to give it a more Gold look to it.

I also darkend the fur using "Face Paint" in Black with a large brush.

Drag it over the ears, forehead and back then faded it slightly.
I also used the same technique to highlight the fur using White, between the eyes and tip of the nose.

Step 4: Background

I wanted the background to be a grey-ish black.

I used the face paint again in black.
It comes out quite pale so I re-applied it twice and added the effect "Vignette" to also darken the corners a bit more!

Step 5: Coat

I wasn't happy with the coat (perfectionist!) so I used a yellow and black face paint to the body and ears of the dog to give it a darker, more sinister look.

Step 6: Finishing Touches!

This step is optional, I reddened around the eyes with "Vampire Eyes" and added a red filter using face paint, using a giant brush and applying it all over the picture, then fading away most of it just to give a blood-red casting to the photo.

Step 7: Save- and Your Done!

So, there you have it. Click "Save & Share" then save to your hardrive where you can then share it to social networking sites or print it out!

You can do a more zombie-esk look with Ghool Eyes, and yellow and green face paint.
...or a vampire with fangs and bright red eyes!
I went for a Demon look.

It's totally up to you, play about with it! This is just my interpretation of it.

Please remember to Vote for me in the Halloween Photo editing contest and If you do make this, please post the picture! Any questions let me know in the comment section

I hope this instructable has been helpful to you-

Neon Panda



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    Those pics are great. You've got a talent with changing the pics. You might consider doing it professionally, that is, do it for people's pets for money.

    Hahah fair enough!! What breed is he? I think my cats bad habit of murdering wildlife is rubbing off onto my dog, he is pretty manic at the moment! xD

    he is a liken he likes to bring home a human or 2 on a good day =) evil smiley face

    Haha, My dog prefers his bed, My cat prefers field mice. aha xD

    he will grow to a fine Liken don't you worry and I've never seen a cat who doesn't like mice so i think your cat is pretty normal

    Haha that's good, the only member of my family who is normal! x)

    well if your cats normal what are you and your family and what about the rabbit in the picture?

    The rabbit & cat is a psycopath, the dog licks windows and the rest of my family is just well....Wierd.

    Mine to but my lizard come home with cats beat that!

    Lizards?!?! Lmao. The worst wildlife you get round here are rats, unless you count the people. Joys of living in rural England I guess hah

    i can get i few people dead or injured if u really want i can even take care of the rats my dog likes to eat anything

    i can get i few people dead or injured if u really want i can even take care of the rats my dog likes to eat anything

    Playing with colours alone doesn't give me "demonic".
    Is there anything else you can do with it?


    3 replies

    Have you changed the colour of the eyes? You could also add fangs, or a spooky frame.
    I also noticed if you added a tiny amount of Blue Face Paint around the eyes it helps give a sunken in look.
    You could also just have the eyes in colour, and have the rest in B&W.
    I really hope you have found this helpful-
    remember to post a picture when you have finished!

    Neon Panda

    I was asking you if you could do something like adding fangs.
    I've seen dogs with dyed-fur (it's not right) and they just look a different colour.
    A snarl / bared-teeth and they do look more menacing, obviously.


    Oh, sorry xD
    Yeah, you could obviously try fangs, blood, try and create a slightly more *demonic* look in general, But some fangs and blood around the mouth, face etc.. would look pretty cool :)

    Neon Panda

    This looks great, I'm going to try this. Thanks for doing this.

    1 reply

    Thank-you :)
    Please remember to post a picture when you have finished- and to vote for me in the contest!

    Neon Panda