Halloween can be so much fun! All the kids run around dressed up, so why not dress up your profile pictures to a scary halloween masterpiece and join in on the excitement?? With a little knowledge of public photo editing sites, a computer, and a camera, you too can enjoy photo manipulation! Picnik.com is a photo editing site avaliable for both free and subscription use. Though you can make quality photos using a free account (or sign in as a guest), I chose to upgrade for a few additional features.


Step 1: Upload your photo

Click on Upload on the left-hand side to choose your photo. Opt for one with desireable angles. The face has a lot of room for intensity, as you can make the eyes more dramatic. Choosing a shot which accents the face is the easiest way for a new photo editor to start. To upload, simply go through your files and select your photo. Click "Go" or "Upload", and just wait for the magic to start!

I like the eyes nice touch.

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