Step 2: Convert Image to Pixel Pattern

First, you will convert the image to a pixel-based pattern.

We downloaded a program that converts images to cross-stitch patterns from here:  www.iktsoft.net/kgchart-en/.

Another instructable uses this program, but I have not tried it:

After you download the program and convert the image, you have a pattern for creating the bead version of the picture.
Here is a good tip if you can't do that <br>1. Choose the pic you want<br>2. Print it out<br>3. Cut it out <br>4. Put it on the holder<br>Hope this helped!!!!,
When importing what are the specifications that you use? Say like chart size, palette, stich type, colors and Th. Count. Im trying to import the pictures but none come out as clear as yours
CAN YOU HELP?! I can't get an image imported into the program how did you?
Hi there,<br>Check out this link: http://www.taktrack.net/kgchart-en/manual-cs/9189<br>
(For UK readers, these beads are also called <a href="http://www.hamabeads.com/" rel="nofollow">Hama Beads</a>.)

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