Are rabbits or other small animals feasting on your garden?  Try this effective and easy to make animal trap.  You probably have everything you need already, and you can make it in about an hour. 

Step 1: How It Works

This is basically the old fashioned bait-string-stick box trap, but with a couple of modifications to make it easier to trip.  The bait is tied to the middle of the string, not the end, this gives some mechanical advantage, a small force on the bait creates a larger force on the ends of the string.  And, the prop holding up the box is hinged in the middle, so there is no sliding friction to prevent the prop from releasing.  As a result it is almost impossible for the animal to touch the bait without springing the trap.
im making one of these to catch those rabbits out in my garden. then i will be placing them in a home-made rabbit hutch in my garage. then i will be feeding the rabbits the kitchen scraps, and when they are nice and plump i will be eating them. i mean... i am feeding them from my garden anyway. you eat my food... and i will eat you!
My plan as well, I'm thinking some free tasty rabbit meat will go well with the garden vegetables.
Nice trap I love the trip mechanism and so easy to build. Now to catch some of the rabbits in my garden.<br>Thanks for the ible and Good Work<br>Dan

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