Step 6: Hasenpfeffer!

Place the completed trap in a location where the rabbits will find it.  I put mine next to the fence where I saw them coming into my yard.  Rabbits come out just after dawn and just before dusk, so check the trap twice a day.  In the first 2 days I caught 2 small rabbits which I relocated to a more suitable home.  I know there are more but they haven't come into my yard since, I think they got scared away when their brothers disappeared.  My neighbor had been using a $60 commercial cage trap for 4 months without catching anything, and I caught 2 in 2 days with my recycle bin!

Surprisingly, after lifting the box the rabbits sat motionless long enough to be photographed before running off into the woods.

July 23, 2010 - finally caught rabbit #3 (4th photo).  In this photo you can see that I taped some bricks to the sides of the box to make it heavier.  One day I found the trap down but slightly out from between the side rails, and empty, I thought that an adult rabbit might have got caught and was strong enough to escape, so I decided to make the box heavier.

August 16, 2010 - caught a mouse!  It was great to find out that the release mechanism is sensitive enough to do that.  I had removed the bricks by this time (actually the tape gave out and they fell off).
im making one of these to catch those rabbits out in my garden. then i will be placing them in a home-made rabbit hutch in my garage. then i will be feeding the rabbits the kitchen scraps, and when they are nice and plump i will be eating them. i mean... i am feeding them from my garden anyway. you eat my food... and i will eat you!
My plan as well, I'm thinking some free tasty rabbit meat will go well with the garden vegetables.
Nice trap I love the trip mechanism and so easy to build. Now to catch some of the rabbits in my garden.<br>Thanks for the ible and Good Work<br>Dan

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