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I operate a home inspection business and often find myself between appointments wanting a place to type reports or just relax and eat lunch. I just replaced the motor and transition in my cargo van so it looks like I will be using it for a while. Lets make the best of it. Every vehicle interior is different with a little insulated foam board, a hot glue gut, and some door skins, you can make a template in which to cut plywood to make a nice interior. Please note: this is something to enjoy while safely parked. Do not drive on these seats as they are not approved for transportation safety.

Step 1: Step 1

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Clean out your space and find some objects you can sit on and things to represent a back rest so you know how your body fits in the fan. I used my daughter's booster seat and some bricks. I showed me not to put the rear seat too far back or I would bump my head on stuff. Get a basic idea on how you will fit and then its time to foam it out.

Step 2: Step Two

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I bought about two four foot by eight foot  by 3/4 inch foam insulation board from a home improvement center. You can cut it with a cheap bread knife I bought from IKEA (Guys, return and clean kitchen stuff each night if you are in a relationship). I also used foil tape (any kind will do) and kabob sticks to manage the foam. I started cutting seats, back rests, horizontal surfaces to meet the needs of my lounge. Try to make the fit close using a tape measure but remember, I will show a trick for a more precise cutting template.  I wanted a love seat to sit with my honey and another seat across from the love seat so we can play cards as a family and so I can converse.
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