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Introduction: Turned Bottle Opener...

About: Married father of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl). A Captain in the Fire Department with over 25 years of service. Grew up turning wrenches at my fathers garage. That turned into a love of building things with my hands.

This isn't a very detailed instructable but a cool gift idea for any of you hose draggers and woodworkers out there.

My F.D. Is going through a change. We grew quickly about 20 years ago and with that goes, many retirements coming in a very short period of time. Having over 20 years myself, I'm watching many of my long time friends and colleges retire. Since I have young kids, my retirement is a bit more off. I wanted to send them off with something personal. Something I made that made them think of the fire department and...well...me too. Since every fireman enjoys a cold one every now and then, I decided to make them a magnetic bottle opener (sticks to the fridge in the garage) that looks like a fire nozzle.

Step 1: Bottle Opener #1

For this one I actually grabbed an old nozzle I had and pretty much copied it on the lathe. I should note, I used exotic hardwood blanks on of these.

For the F.D. Hardware, I had a bunch of old buttons and collar brass our quartermaster was throwing out. When I saw what he was doing, I took the bag away figuring I would one day, find its repurpose.

Step 2: Bottle Opener #2

This one was for my long time Battalion Chief. This guy was like a father to me. I was 21 when I started and didn't know anything. He was a great leader and would actually come help me with remodeling projects at my house. He taught me quite a bit about working with hammer and nails.

For his, I inlayed old collar brass. It was very difficult getting it right. I created a pocket for the brass to rest in. I did so using a hand chisel and a bunch of patience. Then I painted it black to create a contrast. Afterwards, I filled it in with bar top poly, waited for it to harden and then finished it with a standard sealer.

He loved it by the way. Even teared up a bit.

Step 3: Bottle Opener #3

This one was for a long time friend and one of our great engineers. When I was younger, his son (who is now a firefighter with us) was a really neat kid. So much, we named one of our kids after him.

The magnets I bought on Amazon. I used a forstner bit to counter sink it in the bottom.

Step 4: Bottle Opener #4

This one wasn't for a firefighter but for my father-in-law. He's a Sheriff and while I was at it, I made him one for Christmas. His however, looks like a 50 caliber rifle round. I used the attached image to make the bottle opener as I don't have a 50 cal round readily available.

I got these bottle opener kits at my local Rockler woodworking shop.

And apparently...I didn't take a pic of the final project on this one...

Enjoy. If you have a lathe. These are super easy to replicate.



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    Very well done. Each one looks great.

    Where did you get the metal bottle opener end? Did it have threads to screw into your handles?

    1 reply

    Rockler sells a kit actually. It's the bottle opener and a threaded insert with an Allen wrench. I'm sure you can get it on their website.