video Turner's Cube - Designing in AutoDesk Inventor Pro 2012
Using Autodesk Inventor Pro 2012 with a free 6 mo license from a membership with the TechShop SF http://techshop.ws I designed this Turner's cube for my beginning milling project: http://www.instructables.com/id/Turners-Cube-A-Beginner-CNC-Milling-Project/

In this two part video I'll show you the basics of AutoDesk Inventor while designing a Turner's Cube.
Xyver3 years ago
I like it :) This helped me make my model. I took it a step further though, and added the undercuts. Check it out!


The file is on the intro step. I first made a model in Google Sketchup, but once I got autodesk the model became much nicer :P I made the autodesk model after I made the physical model though. It's funny how we ended up using the exact same dimensions.
ravenquest (author)  Xyver3 years ago
I'm glad you posted one with the undercuts! Yours looks great!
Thank you :)