Step 10: 5 Free Floating Cubes

Picture of 5 Free Floating Cubes
5 floating cubes.png
I don't think this cube is going to work out... I started making it, and got 2 1/2 sides done, and it just doesn't look like its going to work.  The edges of the two biggest cubes are only 0.050.  I though it'd be enough, but the material there is so weak and bends way to easily, so I won't be able to hold it in the vice tight enough to finish the other sides (I could get sides 3 and 4 done, because i can just hold super tight on the edges that are unfinished, but side 5 and 6, all 4 jaws of the 4 jaw are only holding onto 0.050 thick of aluminium.)  

I could just delete this step, but I'll leave it in to share my mistakes so other can learn from them too.  The undercutting, however, still looks like its going to work.  I'll get some pics of the cube so you can see.  It leaves some interesting looking edges, and may not be as pretty, but functionality-wise, its still good.  

I still want to make a 5 free floating cube, so I'll see if I can find some 2.5 or 3 in cubes this weekend.  All I have available to me now is < 2 in.  Which is no good.

EDIT:: No such luck, no more access to a machine shop.  What you see is what you get.  I hope someone experiments with this, it could turn out pretty excellent.
I calculated the cubes to be 1.900, 1.520, 1.140, 0.760, and 0.380.  The bores are 1.800 x 0.190, 1.350 x 0.380, 0.900 x 0.570, 0.450 x 0.760, and the hole through is a 13/64 drill bit (~0.200).  The undercut diameters are 2.250, 1.725, 1.150, and 0.600