Picture of Turning Wooden Nutcrackers from blanks
I wanted to make some cool nutcrackers for Christmas, but couldn't find anything resembling free instructions! Most plans are in books or plans you buy online. 
So, I did alot of guesswork and research, and came up with a pretty easy way to assemble em ( labor intensive though)

I've got pictures of two of the nutcrackers I did, Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Sometimes I've got pics of the process on one, and then next step is with the other, so bear with me!
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Step 1: Planning out the shapes

Picture of Planning out the shapes
After a few practice tries, I found it REALLY benefits to have a little bit of planning. Draw out the shapes of your nutcrackers first to see what they look like. There should be a head part, a chest part, and a waist part on traditional nutcrackers. The Chest part is going to be split in two to accommodate the nutcracker mechanism, but as far as shapes, the sky's the limit! 

Also, if you want to laser out the silhouette, it helps to hold up to your piece on the lathe to make sure the shape is accurate.

Both of these nutcrackers eventually got split in 3 pieces, head, waist and chest, but that doesn't mean they have to be distinct parts. Jake is all one round piece, and Abraham's coat runs down to his knees, so I didn't add a waist. On a traditional nutcracker though, there is a indentation that marks the where the chest is cut from the waist.

Step 2: Marking and turning the nutcracker

Picture of Marking and turning the nutcracker
Won't go into a in-depth how-to on spindle turning, as I'm pretty new to it as well, and you should take a class on it at TechShop or elsewhere.

Suffice it to say, set up your block on the lathe (I used walnut), and mark lines where your indentations or features are going to occur. Then start shaping! (This was the fun part)

The last pic is one where I tried to do the parts separate from eachother. It didn't work out so well, because in the end the pieces looked funky put together.
Celt2 years ago
This is ironic. I was just talking earlier today about wanting to make my own giant nutcracker. They are really expensive, the 4-5 foot ones. I would love to have one next to my fireplace next holiday season! (Ill stick to the classic version, or an ironman one if the wife doesnt find out.....)
(sorry but that's all i have =P)
ecsaul232 years ago
Awesome idea and great job on the painting. I cant decide which one I like better!
JAKE!!! So much Adventure Time love!!
Cool! I love how they look when they are all done and painted!