Turning a 10 Gigabyte USB Stick Into a Travel Gaming Stick


Introduction: Turning a 10 Gigabyte USB Stick Into a Travel Gaming Stick

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In this instructable, I will be making a Travel Gaming USB out of a Gameband I got a while ago, with enough music and games to keep me occupied for a long time!
Because this is a Gameband, it came with Minecraft and the Gameband software, along with a few premade GIFs if you want to customize the Gameband, so I had about 7 gigabytes to start out with. I won't delete it cause I do want Minecraft on there too! :P

Well, off to the first step!

(Please don't mind the image with the corner of that image in the corner of the image [You will understand when you see it] It was the software i use to take screenshots.)

Step 1: Adding Steam and Games

First of all, this is a GAMING usb, so i will of course want games! i've already installed steam and all the games i want so it dosen't take me a long time to get this instructable finished, i recommend smaller games, the ones i have are: Super Hexagon, Mini Metro, Ellipsis, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Terraria. all fairly small games. (except for Terraria)

While you can add other games not on steam, i highly recommend you do use it.

(Installation is quite lengthy, so make sure you have some extra time on your hands to install it.)

Step 2: Adding Other Media

Next up is other media, feel free to add anything from music to videos (although the latter will fill it up quicker)

In this demonstration i will just be using music, as you might have seen in my original image, i have a couple of music folders on my computer. Limit yourself, though. You don't want to completely fill this thing up. I would recommend adding spotify if you have all your favorite songs there and you have an internet connection.

Step 3: Lost and Found Messages.

(Image removed, blur wasn't good enough for my liking)

You've probably seen the README.txt file in the other photos, it was one of the first things i added. It contains this text:


Hello, If you found this randomly in an airport or on an airplane or something, Congratulations! You found the
Travel game USB of (insert Nam Here), and i would greatly appreciate it if you returned it! You can contact me through any of my accounts (Steam or Flickr, preferably at Tuckermarley on both) or through my email at: (Insert Email Here)

I'm not gonna put my address here, for obvious reasons, but send me a picture of the usb itself and this txt file and i will give you my address to send it to me. Thanks! :D


For if someone found it. also don't forget to log off steam when your done with it, so no one else can access your steam stuff. I Also wouldn't recommend putting to much personal information on there, only your name and email.

Step 4: Done!

You've pretty much finished the simple travel gaming usb! Feel free to add anything onto it, i would love to hear some other neat things that can go on it!



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    That's a neat setup :)