Introduction: Turning a 10 Gigabyte USB Stick Into a Travel Gaming Stick

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In this instructable, I will be making a Travel Gaming USB out of a Gameband I got a while ago, with enough music and games to keep me occupied for a long time!
Because this is a Gameband, it came with Minecraft and the Gameband software, along with a few premade GIFs if you want to customize the Gameband, so I had about 7 gigabytes to start out with. I won't delete it cause I do want Minecraft on there too! :P

Well, off to the first step!

(Please don't mind the image with the corner of that image in the corner of the image [You will understand when you see it] It was the software i use to take screenshots.)

Step 1: Adding Steam and Games

Picture of Adding Steam and Games

First of all, this is a GAMING usb, so i will of course want games! i've already installed steam and all the games i want so it dosen't take me a long time to get this instructable finished, i recommend smaller games, the ones i have are: Super Hexagon, Mini Metro, Ellipsis, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Terraria. all fairly small games. (except for Terraria)

While you can add other games not on steam, i highly recommend you do use it.

(Installation is quite lengthy, so make sure you have some extra time on your hands to install it.)

Step 2: Adding Other Media

Picture of Adding Other Media

Next up is other media, feel free to add anything from music to videos (although the latter will fill it up quicker)

In this demonstration i will just be using music, as you might have seen in my original image, i have a couple of music folders on my computer. Limit yourself, though. You don't want to completely fill this thing up. I would recommend adding spotify if you have all your favorite songs there and you have an internet connection.

Step 3: Lost and Found Messages.

(Image removed, blur wasn't good enough for my liking)

You've probably seen the README.txt file in the other photos, it was one of the first things i added. It contains this text:


Hello, If you found this randomly in an airport or on an airplane or something, Congratulations! You found the
Travel game USB of (insert Nam Here), and i would greatly appreciate it if you returned it! You can contact me through any of my accounts (Steam or Flickr, preferably at Tuckermarley on both) or through my email at: (Insert Email Here)

I'm not gonna put my address here, for obvious reasons, but send me a picture of the usb itself and this txt file and i will give you my address to send it to me. Thanks! :D


For if someone found it. also don't forget to log off steam when your done with it, so no one else can access your steam stuff. I Also wouldn't recommend putting to much personal information on there, only your name and email.

Step 4: Done!

You've pretty much finished the simple travel gaming usb! Feel free to add anything onto it, i would love to hear some other neat things that can go on it!


Swansong (author)2017-03-09

That's a neat setup :)

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