Introduction: Turning a 5 or 10 Speed Bike Into a One Speed Cruiser.

A lot of us have had to shop at Walmart for bikes at one time or another.The problem with the cheap prices,cheap parts.They use plastic in the gear bikes sprockets,and that is the biggest reason people quit riding or throw their bikes away.I repair bikes for others and found that you can make a cruise out of these bikes as long as the brakes are stil in good shape.

Step 1: Removing the Pin From the Chain

You will need a few different tools depending on the bike.First you will need a chain pin remover.

Step 2: Removing Front Chain Positioned and Rear Chain Sprocket Positioned.

The front and back chain alignment brackets come off fairly easy,with a Phillips head screwdriver and some cases Allen wrenches. You can then cut the gear cables with a pair of wire cutter.

Step 3: Shortening the Chain and Replacing It.

First wrap the chain around the pedal sprocket and rear wheel sprocket to measure the length.Remove enough links to reach snugly,when removing the links you will need one end to have an outer mounting and the other in an inner mounting.You can look closely at your chain and figure the two ends.when removing the link to shorten using a little practice you can leave the pin connected to the outer link.This will make it easier to replace when replacing the can see in the photo the two ends. To push the pin back in a set of vise grips work best.


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