Step 1: Basics

Go to http://pixlr.com/ and select Pixlr Editor Advanced.

Once the editor has loaded, load your picture.
(Second.png and Third.png)

Basic editing
Clear the background using cropping as well as rubber tool to get a plain white background with statue in centre.

Try not to erase the parts of image.
The last three images appear to be missing.
I read the last step. I found that the image names are a little bit confusing to follow. <em>Ninth.png</em> image is the image that has number &quot;9&quot; printed on it in orange. Similarly, <em>Initial Image.jpg</em> is labelled as <em>Initial Image</em> in orange and so on. The <em>Final Image 2.jpg</em> is the unlabelled one.<br> <br> I hope this will clarify your doubts. But still I will recheck the final step for any missing images.<br> <br> Thanks for reading.
cool, that statue is pretty creepy as it is!

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