Picture of Turning a Lifeless Statue into an Evil Ghost Using Pixlr
Final Image 2.jpg
Initial Image.jpg

Step 1: Basics

Picture of Basics
Go to http://pixlr.com/ and select Pixlr Editor Advanced.

Once the editor has loaded, load your picture.
(Second.png and Third.png)

Basic editing
Clear the background using cropping as well as rubber tool to get a plain white background with statue in centre.

Try not to erase the parts of image.
sharpstick2 years ago
The last three images appear to be missing.
Captain Vyom (author)  sharpstick2 years ago
I read the last step. I found that the image names are a little bit confusing to follow. Ninth.png image is the image that has number "9" printed on it in orange. Similarly, Initial Image.jpg is labelled as Initial Image in orange and so on. The Final Image 2.jpg is the unlabelled one.

I hope this will clarify your doubts. But still I will recheck the final step for any missing images.

Thanks for reading.
cool, that statue is pretty creepy as it is!