Step 1: Acquire a SODA FOUNTAIN PRO

This particular product was located in the Clearance section of the local Target. It is part of the "Wild Time Gizmos" series of fun party-oriented toys. The product was a mere $3.48 - a bargain at twice the price.
<strong>WHERE CAN I GET A SOADA FOUANTAIN PRO!</strong><br/>
besides ebay beacause I hate ebay
try to search on google
He said he bought it at Target didn't he?
&nbsp;Cant find it on ebay
Update to my post from yesterday. The 3-way dental syringe that I just purchased on eBay was $14.99 and $10 for shipping. Tubing connects into the syringe via hose barbs. I can't for see and major difficulties in subbing this into Unabill's design. I'll let people know how things work out.
Sorry late response but did you ever get around to using this design? If so how did it go? I think of subing the Soda Fountain Pro for this. Thanks
I actually never got around to putting it together. I was travelling for work when I ordered it. Now I'm back to travelling, and had completely forgotten about it until now. I did however put some tubing onto the barbs and pressurize via blowing through the tube. In theory the dental syringe will work, but I think the hose barbs are too small to be effective. They are 1/8" threads x 1/16" barb. Very little flow. If 1/8" thread x 1/8" barbs can be obtained in 316SS and swapped out it might be a little bit better. As far as the look and feel of the dental syringe very cool.
How did it work? I've got a few soda fountain pros left from my conversion and am excited to hear if you were able to make the dental syringe work on the front-end.
On the hand pump it came with, does that pump create suction or is it just an air pump? B/c if it is just an air pump than you could just attach an fish tank air pump to it and PRESTO!! you now have a soda fountain pro without the annoying hand pump
he said in step three the center tube goes to the hand pump so you can cut the middle tube and attach the fish tank air pump
Does anyone know if these can be found anymore, because I searched everywhere and they seem to be gone.
I have 6 or seven of the soda fountain pro's left over from my multi-headed project. Anyone interested in one of them can email me. I'd prefer to trade for something of equal value.
Oh do you still have some of those left? I only need one.
pvc is toxic eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
only some pvc. pex for instance isn't.
but you pass potable water thru pvc
oops i left a comment with my moms account
Asprin Gun lol
you could make a aspirin-water solution, and put that in one of the tubes, so one button is the disease, and the other is the cure
For a more professional/finished look, one might consider using a 3-way dental syringe. They can be found on ebay. They're not as cheap as Soda Fountain Pro, but the aluminum handle does look nice. I'm thinking about doing this, but can't find any information on how tubing/plumbing connects into the dental syringe. Any thoughts?
I can't find this product. Would it be possible to use something like a kitchen sink spray head and hose or something similar?
I would like to try this. would the 12 gram c02 containers made for streamer guns work? take a look at: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tshirtgun.com/accessories.htm">http://www.tshirtgun.com/accessories.htm</a><br/>
I never knew there was a Trade show conversion on a Paintball gun, A T-SHIRT gun LMAO lol!!!!!! I need some of that.
Where can I get one of those in Australia?
Hi, I am not in the usa, but want sto try this out too. How could I get hold of one of these guns.
if you're worried about the co2 messing with the drinks..you could always switch it up and use windsheild washer pumps or some other small liquid pumps and hook some switches to the buttons on the "gun" good project though...always fun to "repurpose" things
co2 is the gas that makes them soft drinks.... but you dont mean soft drinks!
i didn't this because my friend used it on me yukk
thank u!! u r my god now ;)
Unabill: I have a few questions, what'd be the easiest way for me to contact you? Thanks, Brett
you can email me at billmoher_AT_gmail_DOT_com. I'm curious about your success with the co2 cartriges - how much can you dispense with each of these?
Hey, This is such a great idea. In fact, I spent nearly all day running around town grabbing the parts necessary. I actually changed some of the adapters to work with my setup, using a cheap paintball CO2 canister from walmart. Works perfect.. I even went and made a case, hiding the two two-liters, and the paintball co2 canister, with a holster for the bar-gun on the side :). Thanks so much for the idea, it was a fun project. Brett
hey brett you were reading my mind. I wanted to use a paintball co2 canister. does it make a difference between paintball canister and a reg keg conister. i need something small and portable. I plan on putting the stuff into a backpack and carry it sounds to my softballs games. so i can drink on the go.
Not much of a difference. I had to use a few different tube sizes than listed, and two extra hose barbs. I also had to buy a.. not sure what to call it but it goes on top of the paintball canister, and you turn it, opening the flow into a tubing. I'll find the name for you and post back here. Had to go to a paintball specialty store for that. Brett
Anyone know where I can get one of these online?
You can buy it online. at ebay.com they prices range from 2.00 to 10.00 that is not include shipping which is like 5bucks. i found four of them at the second target i visited. one of them only cost less then $2.
this is a great idea it easy and cheap. and just think i was going to go out and buy some damn expensive thing. I want to buy one of these toys. anybody else know where i can get one besides target. I have already look but they don't have it.
Well, the CO2 will turn to carbonic acid whenever it makes contact with water (e.g. saliva), that gives soda thier "twang". However, in the example, because tonic already has CO2, the drink was probably about the same. If you are making a different mixed drink that contains something tart (e.g. lemon), there will be no difference whatsoever. Also, if you store a drink in a container with a lot of CO2, some of the CO2 will dissolve into the drink. Hope that helps
My real question here is how does the liquor or mixed drinks taste after they have co2 in them. I know when I threw margaritas into a soda keg, after a week or two It had a sparkling flavor to it.
So you made a drink dispencer into a drink dispencer? Very resourceful..
So you make fun of someone that converted a toy into a working product and you can't even spell dispenser? Give the guy a break, it took time and knowledge to make that.
I got three for 4.88 at my target.
what kind of exactoknife/scissors is that in step 3??
To me, they look like leaf-trimming shears. I saw a lot of shears like this when we did some work with a Japanese floral group in Houston.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://images.google.com/images?q=bonsai+leaf-trimming+shear">http://images.google.com/images?q=bonsai+leaf-trimming+shear</a><br/><br/>They're neat for light trimming, but mine don't have any sort of latch so they always seem to get tangled in a bag whenever I try traveling with them. <br/>
Those are sewing scissors - though any kind of scissors or exacto would work.
fantastic......i'm going out to try and find one this weekend....now i can REALLY get the feel of being the only person in a bar after closing, drinking myself to death....i should buy a cowboy hat...or at least grow a bushy mustache.
awsome idea
That..... is beautiful....

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