Picture of Turning a Wine Bottle into an Oil Bottle
This instructable will give you step by step instructions on how to turn a plain wine bottle into an oil bottle or a bottle to hold dish soap.

Step 1: Remove Labels

Picture of Remove Labels
Remove all of the labels from the outside of you wine bottle. Rinse of the bottle.
dsantil717 months ago
If you are going to use these for cooking oils, olive oil needs to be protected from sunlight. It sunlight degrades it. I would suggest painting a base color all over the bottle first then paint the design.
ElKaye32 years ago
Is it ok to wait more than an hour to bake your bottle, and if so, how long can I wait?
aressa (author)  ElKaye32 years ago
It is fine to wait longer....It doesn't really matter how long. It is better to wait longer than not to wait long enough...Make sure you follow the directions on the bottle of paint, as each type of paint has different instructions.
antioch2 years ago
I would have never expected to find such great drawing instructions under such a humble title for an instructible :-O
aressa (author)  antioch2 years ago
swartley3ga6 years ago
very beautiful....I am wanting one of these and now I wish I could paint! maybe I could find another way to decorate the bottle....hmmm
I wonder if you could use stickers on this. Michael's have some beautiful flowers that also have vines on them. You wouldn't have to put the bottle in the oven if you use stickers. Just put acrylic spray gloss on it to keep stickers from coming off.
aressa (author)  swartley3ga6 years ago
Thanks for the nice comment! I actually sell painted oil bottles made from different types of bottles. Check them out here: www.aressa.etsy.com , If you aren't able to paint, you could consider doing decoupage! People do great things with that also..... Thanks again....Amy
Make sure those spouts are stainless steel, otherwise they'll rust if you use them for soap. I had one that did this and it was pretty gross after awhile...
aressa (author)  soundinnovation6 years ago
Never thought of that. I am funny about food and that would gross me out!!
fwjs286 years ago
very nice...you must have a steady hand and lots of patience...
aressa (author)  fwjs286 years ago
Thanks! I paint a lot!! (lol)
fwjs28 aressa6 years ago
your welcome :)
Excellent tutorial and you're quite the artist. I don't think mine would be nearly as good! One thing I would suggest though is perhaps you might make a list, at the beginning, of materials needed? This would make it easier for those of us who need to go buy them... like me for example. I'm not a crafty person, but your tutorial sounds inspiring. :)
rpb6 years ago
Nice work! For those of us who haven't used a artist's paintbrush since high school, how do you do that double-loading thing? Doesn't it all mix up on the plate or in the brush? Do you just put two blobs side by side on the plate and squish them with the brush? Do they tend to get more and more mixed as you work so you need to wipe it up and start afresh? We less-artistic types struggle enough with one colour at a time!
aressa (author)  rpb6 years ago
Thanks! You do use two colors of paint. Dip each side of the brush in to a color and swipe back and forth a few times, dip the brush back in the paint and repeat the swiping back and forth. You will want to do this until the bristles are 3/4 of the way full, from the tip of the bristles heading up toward the handle. You don't need to keep swiping back and forth as you paint, but continue to dip brush in paint as needed. You should do three blending strokes when you start a new stroke on your project. I hope that makes sense! Amy
rpb aressa6 years ago
Thanks, that does make sense. I'm going to give that a go!
z_ransom6 years ago
AWESOME!!! great job Does it have to be a grapevine thats painted or was that just your design? Where can you purchase a sprout?
aressa (author)  z_ransom6 years ago
Thanks! It's your bottle, paint whatever is pleasing to you. The grapevine pattern happens to be a good seller. I actually sold this bottle over the weekend at a show!

As for the spout, here is the link where I purchased mine :http://www.superiorsportsbar.com/spill-stop-metal-pour-spout-set-c-126-p-1-pr-1627.html . You get 12 for the price!

pdub77 z_ransom6 years ago
the grapevine police will come after you if you use a different design! be aware. :P
azngel6 years ago
where did you buy your spout?
aressa (author)  azngel6 years ago
Here is the link where I bought my spouts. You get 12 of them for the price.

http://www.superiorsportsbar.com/spill-stop-metal-pour-spout-set-c-126-p-1-pr-1627.html .
pdub77 azngel6 years ago
liquor stores are good places to buy spouts.
lemonie6 years ago
Nice artwork - how tough is this paint? L
aressa (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I use the paint all of the time. It is actually dishwasher safe if placed on the top rack. I normally recommend hand washing just to preserve the design, but it is okay to place in the dishwasher. Do not let painted items sit in standing water. I coat most of my painted items with a clear medium. That also gives it added strength. I bake most of my painted objects, but this paint will fully cure within 21 days if it has not been baked.
lemonie aressa6 years ago
Ah, thank you for the detail. L
wow that looks very professional Well done
aressa (author)  stephenniall6 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate the nice words. Amy