Turning a Beat Up Backpack to Design Object




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Introduction: Turning a Beat Up Backpack to Design Object

This is a backpack I got from my brother. It was in poor condition. The only way to make it usable was to add something extra to it.

Step 1: Covering Seams

I wanted to keep some of the original red colour to the bag so I covered the zippers and other material with tape.

Step 2: Making Shapes

I also wanted to use the original colour to make some shapes to the bag.

Step 3: Before Painting

Just a flick of the bag before I started painting.

Step 4: Painting.

Spray painting is simple and fast. Remember to keep distance from the surface you are painting to avoid drops and colour problems. Its probably a good idea to use gloves as well.

Step 5: This Is What the Zipper Looks Like After Painting.

Nice detail.

Step 6: Detail.

I got carried away and went on painting some details.

Step 7: Final Product!

5 buck backpack converted to a design artefact for 5 bucks (spray paint and tape). Remember to let it dry well as it will stink of spray paint if it is not dryed properly. Have fun!



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    Nice, but why does its stands in Knex?