This is a backpack I got from my brother. It was in poor condition. The only way to make it usable was to add something extra to it.

Step 1: Covering Seams

I wanted to keep some of the original red colour to the bag so I covered the zippers and other material with tape.

Step 2: Making Shapes

I also wanted to use the original colour to make some shapes to the bag.

Step 3: Before Painting

Just a flick of the bag before I started painting.

Step 4: Painting.

Spray painting is simple and fast. Remember to keep distance from the surface you are painting to avoid drops and colour problems. Its probably a good idea to use gloves as well.

Step 5: This Is What the Zipper Looks Like After Painting.

Nice detail.

Step 6: Detail.

I got carried away and went on painting some details.

Step 7: Final Product!

5 buck backpack converted to a design artefact for 5 bucks (spray paint and tape). Remember to let it dry well as it will stink of spray paint if it is not dryed properly. Have fun!
Nice, but why does its stands in Knex?

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