Step 2: Preparing the Ball and Stopper.

First off clean the ball and pull the plug off the bottom if it has one. Take your stopper and drill a pilot hole for the lamp rod to go through, and the gradually open the hole up with larger and larger bits untill the hole is nice and round and is just big enough for the lamp rod to go through and not slide out of course.
This is so cool. I'm going to try it with an outdoor stand and motion sensor light socket. Then I'll have extra light at the door when I come home.
Thats a cool idea, I was thinking of redoing mine with LEDs cannibalized from a set of solar spotlights and make it solar powered.
It was originally a glass gazing ball, not the typical one that is mirrored obviouslly, it is now a colorfull glass lantern, as the instrucable shows you how to convert the decorative ball into a functioning lamp.
i don't mean to be a pain i just am a real stickler for using the right name to describe something. it can lead to confusion in other circumstances and if you allow it in small things it becomes more acceptable in bigger things. my point being this. that is not a garden gazing ball it is more accurately described as a colourful glass lantern. A gazing ball is a mirrored sphere. again sory but it bugs me
Because I meant to take photos of the thing today and finnish the thing up, I ran out of time yesterday to take photos so I figured I could at least do the right up and then go back and add the photos when I had a chance, again I ran out of time so sorry in advance for not getting the photos up. As for why one needs a gazing ball to look at there garden, I don't know that is why I made it into a light so it would be more usefull.
Got the photos taken.
this of course makes me ask... do you really need some sort of ball ot gaze at your garden? :P
what's with all these instructables that are posted before they're done, I'm a little confused about the logic...
Sorry no pics yet, I did this about a month ago and didn't take photos then, I go and pull it apart tomorrow and take pics of it being put together as it is real simple. I think aside from buying all the bits that I didn't have the whole thing took me about 30 min. to make.

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