Occasionally one finds ones self with an old piece of crap dresser that just isn't worth keeping. Hey, we've all been there, am I right? here's the deal tho, while the main body may be on it's last legs,there may still be some hope for the drawers. I got this idea after we turned some drawers from an old dresser into out door planters. (Sadly that instructable was not made) The Idea here is to turn the drawer upside down and use the bottom as a shelf. kind of make it look like a drawer coming out of the wall. it turned out pretty well. Let me tell you how i did it. As usual, I love comments and polite constructive advice, but this site is to share and support. if you cannot be nice, do not comment at all.

Step 1: Roughly What Will Be Needed...

Here we have a full picture of the finished project. Ta Da!!! It really is a simple concept that shouldn't take longer than the weekend, if you have the time. here is a list of what will be needed. You may find some incidentals that are not pictured. We took these pictures right at the beginning and needed stuff along the way. i will try to list what isn't pictured. 

1. An old drawer (duh)
2. TOOLS: Drill, Sander (or sand paper), Variable speed saw, Stud finder, Bit driver (screw driver set), vice grips, T square ruler/ 18in ruler
3. Paint: Your choice (we chose three colors with different sheens), Painters tape, Brushes
4. Wood for internal frame (I used 3/4in x 3.1/2in),Wood glue
5. Hardware: Four 3in wood screws w/ washers to match. four one inch wood screws. decorative drawer handles or knobs (your preference)
6. Plants: Flower pots x 3, Plants of your choice, decorative pebbles, soil
That's a great idea. There is a substantial frame on the inside so it can hold weight but a compartment could be built into that
Cool idea....future bonus...put the front on hinges for a extra compartment.
Looks cool. Nice color design.

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