Picture of Turning an unused fireplace into a candle nook.

Shortly after we gave up our pub & I moved into my fiancée Joanies house the local authority decided in their wisdom to come along & tear out the old central heating system & replace it with a shiny new one.
This we did not mind too much as the existing one was so old I swear the serial number on the boiler was in roman numerals, however having just spent three weeks cramming two homes into one (the pub had a VERY large three bedroom flat & it was full) we were not really happy with any more disruption than absolutely necessary, so when we were told that the guy to fill in the now redundant fireplace would be calling in a week or two we just told them not to bother we would sort it out ourselves.
They sorted out the flue & made it safe for us & that is how it has been now for about four months while we got ourselves sorted out, got rid of all the extra stuff we didn't need such as the extra dishwasher, FOUR TV’s two fridges a freezer & god alone knows how much kitchen equipment thank goodness for recycling networks I am a member of FreeGLE in the uk formerly a part of FreeCycle.org, whichever you have where you live I heartily recommed them.
We have reached the stage where the house is coming together & starting to turn into a home so now it is time to start redecorating from top to bottom, the question of what to do with the fireplace had to be addressed
We are both fond of candlelight & would often have evenings watching TV or reading where apart from one small reading lamp all our lighting was from candles, very soon after the work was carried out we started putting a few church candles into the fireplace (after getting advice & making sure it was safe to do so),
Neither of us really wanted to lose our little candle nook because it is a real feature of our home now, many people have commented on it & on top of that it does a surprisingly good job of warming up not only the lounge but also the adjoining dining room but we both agreed it needed to be smartened up a bit before we start to decorate.

ChrysN5 years ago
Great way to use that space, it looks really good.
Nostalgic Guy (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
Thanks I appreciate it. To tell the truth the pictures don't really do it justice as they don’t convey the warmth of the glow. I am looking forward to getting the room decorated & adding a finish to the timber to bring out the colours in grain. So few homes have an open fire these days & although I know they are not terribly environmentally friendly I do miss them, in a small way this sort of makes up for it.