Turning Large Bowls on the Table Saw.





Introduction: Turning Large Bowls on the Table Saw.

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My wife wanted a center piece but I don't have a large lathe.  After testing the idea I dove right in and coved it out!  lol, "coved it out?  Get it?  Ahhh, wood nerds.  There will be a full 30+ min how to video soon but I really liked the way the short video and the bowl turned out and wanted to share.



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Up there for thinkin', down there for dancin'!

How did you figure out the offset and jug for turning the inside of the bowl? I love the idea! Great work

I bought Dewalt DW175 miter saw two months ago. I have problem with cutting board 90
degree. Do you think I use table miter saw improve cutting boar? I want to
décor crib for my daughter

I'm not sure you needed the splines. It was unclear, but it looked like you used the same wood for both the bowl as the splines and it looked like the grain for the bowl was going in the same direction as wood for the splines.

You may not realize but a properly glued and clamped long-grain joint using yellow carpenters clue (and probably epoxy) is stronger than the wood itself. Meaning that the wood will break somewhere other than the joint before the joint breaks.

You might have saved yourself a lot of work.

The spalted wood is weakened by rot and I was afraid it would not hold with a lot of strength as I cut most of it away. I used the cherry splines because I figured if I can't hide them then I might as well show them off.

DUDE, very coool and Smart project

Brilliant method! Wish I'd seen this before last weekend. Wife and I made a game wheel and cut the main wheel out with a jig saw. Wheel isn't perfectly circular now, resulting in pegs that are imprecisely placed. May think about just buying another hunk of wood and rebuilding the wheel with this method.


Impressive. I was quite intrigued by the title, and then again by the methods you used. I would have never thought to use a table saw that way. Very nice work! Hope you win something!

Thanks so much for sharing!! The speed up was super. I try to avoid videos because they are just so slow at conveying what I could read in 1/10 the time. Your video was perfect!