Introduction: Turning Your Windows XP or Vista Into a Mac and Linux

Picture of Turning Your Windows XP or Vista Into a Mac and Linux

This Instructable will show you how to turn your windows pc into a mac and pc, as well as running Linux.

- I recommend you have at least 2 GB of RAM
-and over 10GB of hard disk space (if you want linux)
vista or XP is recommended - I am doing this on vista so please tell me if something such as the theme does not work.

This is my first Instructable... so be warned... =)

Step 1 to 6 is about Mac theming. Note that this is more advanced, so that you can customize things such as the background and theme, making it more like a mac.
Step 7 to end is Linux. Note that this doesn't delete anything, but is a virtual machine.

This does not remove XP or vista.

Step 1: Mac It Up! - Downloads

Picture of Mac It Up! - Downloads

Lets download Everything we need for the Mac part.

For Ease download them all to the Desktop in a folder called "Mac Theme" or another easy access folder.
First of all - the dock. Download Rocketdock from Here

Next goto this website to download the menubar (if it doesn't work - try here)

Download the files to patch your system

Check your service pack first for XP - right click properties on My Computer

Warning this is for Vista!!! Do not apply this on an XP machine.
Download the one for Vista with Service Pack 1 Here (x86) NOT 64 bit

Warning this is for XP!!! Do not apply this on a Vista machine.
XP users please try here - SP2 here ... SP3 here or, if broken try googling leopardxp or "uxtheme.dll SP3 XP download"

64 bits- im sorry but i dont exactly have the files - try searching for 64 bit uxtheme.dll patch on Google - also you will need to find your own theme (sorry!)

Now download the theme
Here for Vista
Here for XP

The Background

The Cursors
Installer - just save this
Just download all of that and you should be good. (Again - I'm not sure about 64 bit)

Step 2: Background and Cursor

Picture of Background and Cursor

Easy stuff first...

Move your background that you download to a place such as My Documents.
Right Click and select use as background.

The cursor
Run the program
If it hasn't already selected the cursors.
In vista
-Right click on the desktop
-Mouse pointers
-Select the Mac theme

Control Panel
Select the mac theme

Step 3: The Dock

Picture of The Dock

Even easier....

Run the Rocketdock Installer.

After install - run it and checkbox a few things
right click - Dock settings...
Tick Run at Startup
Tick Minimize windows to the dock (Disable animations if you have not much RAM or a bad GPU)
Tick Autohide if you want
Toggle a few things

Then goto Style and click on the Get more Button
- look for Happy Mac Leopard OSX (or Mac) - under dock skin themes.
Save it to your rocketdock dock directory
Default "C:\Program Files\Rocketdock\"
go to docks and save it there (or skins)

Step 4: The Theme - Enabling 3rd Party Themes

Picture of The Theme - Enabling 3rd Party Themes

Install the theme patcher
for vista follow this:
Patch the Vista theme dll file : download VistaGlazz install it.
Launch VistaGlazz
--> The windows will pop-up
--> Click on the Computer icon in vistaGlazz
--> Then click on "Patch Anyway"
--> Restart your pc.

XP users do this:
Edit: try searching for leopardXP

This method will work still:
1) Download the file and extract in a handy location (eg: your Desktop). This should create a new uxtheme.dll file in that location.
2) Go to C:WINDOWSSystem32 and rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.dll.old
3) Put the new uxtheme.dll into C:WINDOWSSystem32
4) If you get any warnings from Windows stating that an original system file has been replaced, you must click "Cancel", otherwise the new uxtheme.dll will be replaced with the original one.
4a) If it doesn't work Google "Download Replacer" and try again.
5) Reboot

Step 5: The Theme and Finderbar

Picture of The Theme and Finderbar

Extract the theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\
- Personalize
- Themes
- Open old mixer for colour properties...
- Click on the other windows aero
- Apply
+ If it doesn't work try copying the folder inside the theme you downloaded to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\

-Control Panel
+ If it doesn't work try copying the folder inside the theme you downloaded to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\

Unlock the start bar then drag it to the top.
Install finder bar or extract it to Documents\Finder
Make sure no programs are open when first run - if they were - right click on it and Reskin
Press the keyboard start button on the keyboard to run (or click in top left corner)
Pat yourself on the back - your done

Step 6: Mac Tips and Tricks

Picture of Mac Tips and Tricks

Ensure everything runs at startup
- if it doesn't copy it to startup in the start menu

Google "Leftsider" and download the program to make your close/maximize/minimize buttons go on the left whilst it's running

Download mac icons - there are tons - just Google "mac icons"

Install itunes and safari (make it seem more like a Mac)

Install Shock 4way 3D - have four desktops on one pc (like a mac)

Step 7: Linux Is the New Lindows

Picture of Linux Is the New Lindows

Now we can add support for Linux, and use it for other tasks...
Linux can run as a virtual machine.
If you have less than 1GB of RAM - "Good luck!"
Preferably 2GB plus, and a Core Duo.

Step 8: Download and Install the Linuxalizer

Picture of Download and Install the Linuxalizer

Yes... I do suck at step names.
This thing we are about to download will allow you to run ANY OS - that does include windows and linux, but not Mac (Unless you are illegally doing it.)
Download Virtual Box from here
And whilst you are at it - download the newest Ubuntu live iso from This link - Get the newest one (Or 8.04 and above)

Install it and then setup a new machine.
Name it LinuxVM
OS type: Linux
Version: Ubuntu
click next
Leave the RAM at that or more if you have over 2GB
click next
Boot hard disk is checked, and Create new is checked.
Dynamically Expanding (Recommended)
I'd put as much as you want (Not a high amount otherwise windows, thus linux will crash)
- 10% of your hard drive should be max (unless you know otherwise)
Finish... but wait theres more...

Step 9: Install Ubuntu

Picture of Install Ubuntu

After you finished downloading Ubuntu do this:
Click on settings in the virtual box window
> Iso file
browse and select the ubuntu disk
press apply and ok

Start the MACHINE!!!!
Click in the window
Follow the guided installer
partition it all!!!
Allow it to reboot.
When you have got all updates installed
Right Control click to get out
Click on Devices
Install guest additions
Click on the autorun file
And you are done!!!!

The Menu at the top left allows you to maximise, resize and run your linux NEXT TO WINDOWS PROGRAMS!!!

Step 10: Finally

Picture of Finally

If you have done everything right Linux windows will run next to Vista or XP windows with look like Mac.


earths_favourite_son (author)2016-05-18

how to run mac on windows 10

XxsonicxX (author)2013-02-24

Why does ubuntu take so long to download i've been waiting to get the download screen on the bottom of google for 100 million minuites!!!!

XxsonicxX (author)2013-02-24

Yay its the admin!

Pretty cool

Blackice504 (author)2011-12-29

Hi its great to share knowlege when possible but best run a linux OS on a vmware workstation or you can use the built in Virtual Machine that come with windows 7, i seen the latest mac os they are still too far behind, but the linux is usefull i have 4 Linux servers on my Vmware Server ESXi 5.0 with 3 Windows servers.

but one thing i will say anything is better then vista just not mac.

too much support for other os plus you not have to worrie about mac telling you how to download music or share between your devices ect or what format to use.

anyway i will write an instructable on vmware ESXi.
you kill a virtual machine it not matter.
you upgrade hardware no need to reinstall.
vmware also supports 3D support limited but does work for virtual machine. ( great for running servers for games that not have dedicated server app )

grundisimo (author)2011-08-05

All of the pages are either labeled as spyware or malware on my computer.

TimeDroid (author)2010-12-12

wont run like one and i have a mac and my mac is awesome i can do 1,000 apps at once on my mac pro and with only using 6% of cpu

account3r2 (author)2010-08-23

broken links, please fix:

superMacaroni (author)2010-07-13

How do I turn a Mac into a PC? Not look like one, have the actual windows installed.

A-Nony-Mus (author)2010-07-02

Is there any way to change the apple symbol in finderbar to a more modern one?

Dmajore (author)2009-08-16

man the link for the background doesnt work...

sawyer95 (author)2009-05-25

dude just download vista osx

flamtz (author)sawyer952009-05-29

packs like these have fail rates, (unfortunately). Some posts on the internet claim unbootable computers as a result.

strcrusher (author)flamtz2010-03-19

 ya my computer is unbootable now

strcrusher (author)sawyer952009-06-12

I was going to install something it told me i gotta remove vista osx so i did and guess what happened after i uninstalled it? I couldnt use any themes and it turned my new 2 month old laptop into a friek'n slow laptop!!!

sawyer95 (author)strcrusher2009-06-13

try reinstalling it or put in a restore disc and did u try to put vista osx on a laptop with window xp

strcrusher (author)sawyer952009-07-31

i didnt get a restore disk and how do u reinstall

strcrusher (author)strcrusher2010-03-19

 i know how to reinstall but i did that to windows 7 and it broke again

Kasm279 (author)2009-07-29

uh, the link for the XP theme is broken D:

junits15 (author)Kasm2792010-02-10

download the "universal theme patcher" it can patch everything from Windows XP to windows 7, all of the "badass" theme designers use it, It also has the option to restore the files that you patch to their origional stae. I use this for my win7 system and have NEVER had anything go wrong.

flamtz (author)Kasm2792009-08-06

Sorry, but I don't really mod my xps... Google "XP SP3 uxtheme.dll patch"... I haven't tried these files (hint: find one with a lot of good comments, or downloads, and it will be the one you are looking for.)

Bennwa (author)2009-05-23

so does it delete all your stuff? can u run xp if u need to or is it just OS?

flamtz (author)Bennwa2009-05-23

No it doesn't!!! =)
This is why we install it, as if it were a program...

flamtz (author)flamtz2009-05-23

Just every time you want linux, click on VirtualBox... But if you want to make it at boot you can, installing another program to let you test out Ubuntu (But you only have 10GB of Hard Drive space)

Bennwa (author)flamtz2009-07-25

oh sweet thanks dude

doctasnowman (author)2009-06-11

This will not work on any version of XP and i will explain why. The theme you direct us to to use on XP is a PNG-based Vista theme, not a bitmap-based XP theme. These will not operate on XP. I found this out after being suspicious about the small file size, and wondering why this is the only 3rd party theme i have that wouldn't work. I could reverse engineer this theme to work on XP, but it would take me about a month.

flamtz (author)doctasnowman2009-06-13

Sorry about that!!! I hadn't tested it on an XP machine. I'll find one soon...

doctasnowman (author)flamtz2009-06-14

I did some searching, and i found several that looked good. Ultimately i used a program called LeopardXP to make my XP look like Mac OS X. I also used RocketDock, version of the Mac Firefox theme that had been changed to run on Firefox for Windows, a mac sound theme, and a mac cursor theme to help sell it. LeopardXP also changed all the system icons, one good thing that your instructable doesn't cover. Just google leopardxp. I recommend you add that to your instructable as the method for replacing the theme and icons on XP. It will also auto-patch uxtheme.dll. Other than the thing of this not working on XP, it's a good instructable. I rate 3.5*.

blueberrypieisgood (author)2009-05-29

would this apply to all users? or just specified ones? Is it Permanent?

I believe that it depends on where you install Virtual Box to... It is not permanent... Also - don't upgrade to SP2 for Vista, until a new uxtheme.dll comes out.

REA (author)flamtz2009-06-01

i think i had already seen one out for SP2. i forgot where exactly.

dla888 (author)2009-05-24

Use a live CD instead of a VM.

flamtz (author)2009-05-23

Yes, but what you do is illegal... against the terms provided with the OS. I actually looked into that path momentarily, but decided I didn't want a hackintosh.

admin (author)2009-05-22

Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

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