Introduction: Turning Your Laptop Video Camera Into a Macro Lense

Picture of Turning Your Laptop Video Camera Into a Macro Lense

Step 1: Dismantle DVD Player

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You will want to find an old dvd player - it doesn't have to work, as long as it still intact.  Remove the outer casing.

Step 2: Remove the Lense

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remove the lens, it is under the area where the disk goes out.

Step 3: Once the Lens Is Removed

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Here is what the lens looks like.  It's sitting on key 'O'.  Once the lens is removed you will want to create a mounting for it.  You can just use duct tape if you want.

Step 4: Preparing a Mounting

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I prepared a mounting by cutting some thick plastic to size and soldering a hole to size for the lens to be mounted into.  I then attached it with some super glue and voila!

Step 5:

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Glue the lens to the lens mount. Once the glue is dry you can attach it to the computer camera.

Step 6: Voila!

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You can start taking pictures! Or videos!
Below is a picture of a dime.

Step 7:

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One more picture - a human hair. It would be really cool to take pictures of bugs, i just couldn't bring myself to kill one.


jtobako (author)2011-03-28

Is that right up on the lens or are you guessing at the distance?

missannie (author)jtobako2011-04-05

it's right up on the lens, in fact i just taped it onto the computer, but then i moved the object back and forth to get it "into focus". I hope that helps.

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