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Introduction: Turntable Clock

I wanted a cool retro clock in my room so i took an old turn table and made it into a clock. I took the center pieces out of the turntable and used an extra long clock part. Then i glued the record to the pad and fed the clock part through the center hole. you can buy these and iv seen some with just the records but i thought id take it to the next level and i had the turntable laying around so i figured id save a couple bucks. here is the original




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Could you send me the instructions on how to do this please. Thanks brendanflynn5@gmail.com

Sorry it took so long for the reply, didn't realize I had a comment. Every turn table that you try to do this with will be a little different so the exact steps may not be super helpful but basically I had to start by taking apart the turn table, I believe I took it out of an old wooden radio chest. I then spray painted it white and taped off the pieces that I didn't want white. After that I glued an old record onto it and I glued down the actual turn table. The most difficult part was finding a clock piece that had long enough arm to reach through the hole in the turn table so the hands wouldn't get stuck. After I found that I glued the clock piece onto the back.

Excellent! Very stylish...