Turntable-spin It Like a Real DJ





Introduction: Turntable-spin It Like a Real DJ

After exploring this awesome website and spending over 2 month reading instructables about every thing from spud guns to cooking recipes-with intent to do each and every one of them-i never knew this was gonna be any different but i have seen a couple instructables about making a turntable i thought was so good that i just had to make one myself. Due to my "overnight" limited resources theres no glue required, I used an optical mouse (you can use ball mouse) with a simple dvd movie cover as my table, couple of rubber bands for support and placed it inside a mobile box.. pretty simple and lots of fun!



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    can i use old mouse ..not like optic mouse ???

    Just Like Mine

    yea man that was my first one. Now i have one made out of an old Hard disk from the dozens i have laying around and the spin is soo smoooth.. you must give it a try yourself, thanks for your comment and i apologize for how long i took till i responded but i just gave up on hoping sumone would comment.. i made 400 vies and no comments except yours.. so thanks again mate!.

    i heard about using hdds but i decided to use a mouse lol. got alot of them. i was actualy thinking about relocating the mouse click to the top and the mouse to the bottom.

    i like it. i was going to use a laser mouse but i couldnt find one and ball mice are easier for inputs