Picture of Turquoise Dragon
Dragons 011.JPG
This is one of my air dry sculptures, I make mostly dragons but have been know to throw in a unicorn and hippogriff now and then.
ladams142 months ago

hmmm.... I can't find your instructions listed on this post.

Plaid10134 months ago

Are your dragons made out of clay? You are a very talented artist!

foobear1 year ago
my god those are beautiful!
DonnaSD1 year ago
Do you sell them? How much?
dcivarson1 year ago
These are gorgeous. I'd love to see an instructable on this.
Amazing work, how about some sculpting and modelling tips for those of us less skilled who might hope to have a dragon of our own?
Agree with ^^.

This site is for "how to" ...
Kiteman1 year ago
You ought to take photos as you make the next one, then write up a step-by-step instructable.