I've always loved inlaid sterling silver jewelry from the southwest. But it's not very cost effective to buy when on a budget. So I decided to make a necklace that has 3 of the elements found in it (silver, turquoise and coral), but you don't have to be a silversmith to create it.

13 Turquoise round tube beads
35 Coral sphere beads
Sterling Silver chain (measure where you want it to fall on your neck)
13  2" long Sterling silver head pins
1 Sterling Silver Jump-ring (open, not soldered shut)
1 Sterling Silver Clasp

Round nose pliers
Wire cutters

Depending on speed- 1 hour

Skill level:

Step 1: Laying Out the Design

Step 1
Measure how much sterling silver chain you will need. I buy my chain in bulk, but you don't have to do that. Take a piece of non stretchable string and measure around your neck. Remember, you are also measuring where you want the necklace to lay around your neck, so unless you want a choker, leave some slack.  Also add an inches or two, just in case you want it longer when you finish.

First, layout your beads and head-pins. You can follow my design below or create your own. I put 4 head-pins on each side with a Red-Turquoise-Red pattern, so that is 8 in all with that pattern. The middle 5 head pins I kept adding coral beads on top so that there was a slight slope, which when added with the slop of the chain makes a very nice chevron pattern.

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