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i want to laser cut a stacked turtle.

Step 1:

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First step: Go onto and find something you think is cool and click on it

Step 2: 123D Make

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Step 2: After you download your STL file onto your desktop, open up 123D make and pull that file you just downloaded into it.

Step 3: Slicing It Up in 123D Make

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Step 3: how to slice it up so that i can laser cut.

Step 4: Exporting to DXF

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From 123D make you need to make it a DXF file. and save that to your desktop

Step 5: Putting It on the Laser Cutter

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Step 4: put your dxf file onto the blue laser cutter.

Step 6: Start Laser Cutter

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start laser cutting once you have everything in the right spot.

Step 7: Pop-out of Wood an Put Together

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pop it out of the wood and put it together.

Step 8: Put It Together

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follow the number on top


seamster (author)2015-10-14

Looks cool! Are you going to paint the turtle for finish it in any way?

DylanD14 (author)seamster2015-10-14

yes i am going to. im going to paint it eventually

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