Step 3: Make a Dough Log

Split the vanilla dough in half. Place one half of the vanilla dough on a piece of plastic wrap. Roll it so it forms a log with a 1 1/4" diameter.

Sandwich the matcha dough between two sheets of plastic wrap, and a rolling pin to roll it out to a rectangle as long as the vanilla log and wide enough to fully wrap around it (it'll be about 1/4" thick).

Wrap the matcha dough around the vanilla dough log. Use your fingers to smooth out the crease formed. Cover the entire log in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
your cute little drawings on each step make it really clear what you mean and i love the thought of using Matcha powder. I dont like nonpearls, but i think ill just add two extra dots of chocolate...or turn two miniature chocolate chips upside down. love these :)
These are simply adorable! Well done!
Cutest cookies ever!
There so cute! :D
OMG those are some of the cutest cookies i've ever seen!!!
These are so cute!
That is such a cute turtle! I just love your idea. So simple, and so adorable.

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