Just made a collage about my turtle tutorial
It's the first tutorial i made and i hope you enjoy this project

Step 1: Pattern

You will need this patter to make your turtle :)

Step 2: Materials

<p>I made my turtle to big and it ate me..... </p><p>Good Internet tho</p>
Very cute, I liked how the instructions were in the picture, instead of down below where you have to scroll up every ten seconds! Awesome turtle and I like the bunny too!
Oh my god! I would learn how to sew just to make one of these for my girlfriend! In fact, I will! She knows I LOVE turtles, so maybe I can give her one of these!!! =D
THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! :) I'm gonna make it straight away :)
I really liked your turtle tutorial :)<br>My turtle is adorable, and will be a great birthday present for my sister.<br><br>I did make mine a bit differently, I attached the head and legs by attaching them while I made the shell, since I had no thread to match my turtle.
My first ever sewed thing I remember making was a turtle like this!!! I made it purple and blue. I might remake it sometime soon......(it was my own pattern)
Making the instructable today :D
I would love to see that =)
Do you have a bunny tutorial? I like bunnies more than turtles (can't cuddle with a turtle) and I volunteer at a rabbit rescue.
if it's plush, you can XD
Actually, my next tutorial is a bout a bunny i made! so i'll probably add it tomorrow or monday =)
And... if i want to make it as a ninja? and fill it whit chocolate?
Yes you can!! <br>Just add a black ninja hood, a plush katana, and a pocket in the belly for the chocolates :3 **
Eek! I LOVE IT! *squeals* I will make him as SOON as I can get the materials!
I would love to see the results!! :D
I like turtles!
Me too :D <br>So it was a very fun proyect :)
Super cute!
Thank you very much!! <br>I'm glad you like it :)

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