Step 6: Add the Chicken Broth, Potatoes, Kale, and Other Ingredients

This is the part of the process when your soup will finally start looking like soup.  After the onions and garlic are done sweating, pour eight cups of hot water into the pot and set your stove to high heat.  Then, add however many bouillon cubes or packets you need to make 10 cups of broth.  I find that the soup tastes better with a slightly stronger chicken broth as its base.  Stir the liquid until all of the bouillon is dissolved.

After the bouillon is dissolved, add in all of your potatoes.  Don't just pour them in though, first of all we don't want the water they have been sitting in all this time, and we also don't want to splash the hot chicken broth everywhere.  Instead, carefully spoon the potatoes into the pot.

Once all of the potatoes are in the broth, add the kale, red pepper flakes, black pepper, oregano, and parsley.  Then, boil the potatoes.  The time required to cook the potatoes depends on your potatoes and how aggressively you boil them, the best way to know when they are done is not to time them, instead, ever so often, take out a potato medallion and poke it with a knife.  The knife should go in with just a little resistance.  You could also just wait a minute for the potato piece to cool and eat it.  
A word of caution. Never keep part of an onion they collect more germs than any other food. They are what make you sick in warm potato salad. Google it.
<em><strong>Congratulations.</strong></em>....looks delicious!!!!!! <em>very nice instructable.......</em>
Whooo hooo! Congratulations on your SECOND PRIZE WIN IN THE CONTEST! <br>Fabulous, fabulous! Your Instructable was amazing!
very gooe
I am impressed with the amount of time and detail you put into this Instructable! Details, images, everything. Two thumbs up for creating a genuine tutorial. This is good work! You put your heart into it, and it shows. Quality Instructable!
Yummers! That looks like a great soup to have on a cold day like today!
I'll be attempting to make this soup after doing some dietary-restrictions fiddling, but it looks very yummy. <br> <br>Wouldn't have read the article, though, if it were not for the &quot;cheese mines&quot; information at the beginning. LOL.

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