Step 7: Add Everything Else and Tweak

The soup is just about done!  Once the potatoes are nice and tender, add the sausage to the pot.  Then, heat the mixture just until the sausage has been reheated, then, turn the heat down to low and add the heavy cream (1 cup).  Mix the soup together until everything is well blended.

Then, give the soup a little taste.  You might be perfectly happy with the taste, in which case you are done.  But, you might also find that you want the soup to have a bit more salt, or a little more spiciness.  One of the best parts about making soup is experimenting with it.  Feel free to add any other ingredients you want.  Many people, and also the restaurant, Olive Garden, add bacon to this soup.  I tend not to in an effort to keep the soup just a bit more healthful, but bacon can add a nice new dimension to the flavor. 
A word of caution. Never keep part of an onion they collect more germs than any other food. They are what make you sick in warm potato salad. Google it.
<em><strong>Congratulations.</strong></em>....looks delicious!!!!!! <em>very nice instructable.......</em>
Whooo hooo! Congratulations on your SECOND PRIZE WIN IN THE CONTEST! <br>Fabulous, fabulous! Your Instructable was amazing!
very gooe
I am impressed with the amount of time and detail you put into this Instructable! Details, images, everything. Two thumbs up for creating a genuine tutorial. This is good work! You put your heart into it, and it shows. Quality Instructable!
Yummers! That looks like a great soup to have on a cold day like today!
I'll be attempting to make this soup after doing some dietary-restrictions fiddling, but it looks very yummy. <br> <br>Wouldn't have read the article, though, if it were not for the &quot;cheese mines&quot; information at the beginning. LOL.

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