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Introduction: Tutorial - After Effects Color Correction

In this instructable I will be showing you how to color correct your footage to give it a theme and feel.

Step 1: Step One - Adding the Effect

Once your footage has been imported and a composition has been made, add the effect "Curves" to your composition. You can do this by selecting Effects and Presets>Color Correction>Curves, or by entering "Curves" the search bar and drag and dropping the effect onto the composition.

Step 2: Step Two - Configuring the Curves

To change the different themes you can go with mess around with the line graph. Each point changes the different levels of colors and shadows. You can edit each channel individually or all of them together (RGB) or both.  Mess around with different values per point to change the overall feeling of your footage. To give it a cool look you can add a vignette, which went with my first scene, a long dark hallway. You can do this by selecting Animation Presets>Image - Creative>Vignette Lighting and dragging and dropping it onto your comp. 

Step 3: Step Three - Vignette Lighting

Mess around with the black and whites and the gamma exposure to give your scene a dark or bright feeling.



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