Tutorial: Vintage Beaded Bracelet





Introduction: Tutorial: Vintage Beaded Bracelet

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Hello! I want to share with you the pattern of vintage beaded bracelet wich i drew. It is very simple and beautiful. You can also watch a free video tutorial on my youtube channel.

Step 1: ​The Material That We Need:

The material that we need:

- 8mm beads - 7 pieces;

- 6mm beads - 8 pieces;

- 3mm beads - 70 pieces;

- seed beads №10;

- Padlock and several iron rings...

Step 2: Pattern

  • At first, you need to weave a chain as long as you whish the bracelet length (step 1).
  • After, perform step 2.

Step 3: Watch Tutorial

This video is in russian language, but have subtitles, which you can auto translate in player in any language. Just look for translation in the settings.

If for some reason player didn't work, you can watch on youtube.



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5 Discussions

Thank you for sharing this, it looks really beautiful!


2 years ago

Thank you for sharing, couldn't understand a word you said but you made it very easy to follow. This is something i would love to make.

This would make a very pretty choker necklace, too. Thank you!

Love this! Thank you for sharing.

That's so beautiful! I hope you share more with the community!