It's so wonderful when you make a hand-made gift for your family and your friend in this new year. That gift doesn’t only show your clever skill but also your message "I always love and give the best wishes to my family".

Following below steps to create that amazing gift.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

A. Materials
1. 1x 4DIY Board (Arduino-compatible).
2. 1x Box.
3. 1xSwitch to on/off Power.
4. 1x Cocacola cans.
5. 1x Cooling fan mini.
6. 1x Battery.
7. 1x RGB LED.
8. 1x Metal bar about 20cm.
9. 1x Piece of paper with your favorite image.
B. Tools
1. 1x Drill mini.
2. 1x Pen.
3. 1x Glue.

Are you ready? ==> Lets go
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