Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- a Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace





Introduction: Tutorials on How to Make Cheap Easy Crafts- a Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace

Maybe most of us are busy everyday and we don't have enough time to make statement jewelry. Therefore making some cheap easy crafts is a good choice for you. In this tutorial, I will show how to make a beaded leaf pendant necklace. It's very easy to make and just take you less than 10 minutes. Have a try!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in the Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace:

6mm White Pearl Beads

8mm White Pearl Beads

Aluminum Wire

Brass Jump Rings

Cat Eye Beads

Brass Chain

Copper Jewelry Wire

A Set of Three Pliers

Step 2: Begin to Make a Beaded Leaf Pendant

1st, cut off 18cm 1.5mm aluminum wire, and bend two small loop on the both sides;

2nd, wrap a 0.5mm copper wire on the aluminum, then string some 6mm white pearl beads, 8mm white pearl beads and eye cat bead on the cooper wire, make sure you should twist the cooper wire after stringing a bead.

Step 3: Finish Stringing Beads and Twisting Copper Wires As the Picture Shows

Step 4: Add Jump Rings and Brass Chain to the Beaded Leaf

Step 5: The Final Look of the Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace:

Such an easy craft and I can't help to make another one for my best friend. What's more, leaf also stands for friendship and I hope we will be friends forever like this left pendant necklace. Do you like the beaded leaf pendant necklace? Try to make one for you and your best friend, hope true friendship forever!



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    This is such a great design. I made one for my wife for Valentines Day and she liked it so much she asked me to make matching earrings.


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