Step 3: Jury-rigged Scaling Method

Picture of Jury-rigged Scaling Method
Not having a projector of any sort, I was forced to fudge it. To follow my method, you will require some way of holding the patterns stationary, elevating materials, and a directed light source, the brighter the better. I used a long thick wire held in place with a C-clamp to hold the patterns stationary, and offset them from the wire with tape. Basically, keep the pattern stationary at a height close to that of the light source, and move the pattern and light source closer together to increase the size of the shadow, and further apart to decrease the size. Adjust the two until the shadow is the size you calculated, and then trace around it on the newspaper with a pencil, and then go over that with a marker once you are sure that is the final size you want. The brighter the light is, the more distinct the shadow will be, and the easier the tracing will be.