Step 8: Assembly Continued

Assemble the main body of the costume. For Tux, this consists of a couple steps. First, sew the two halves of the body together (furry sides inside) along the back seam (I cut my two halves out of a folded piece of fabric, already joined along that seam, so this was not needed). This next step can be rather tricky; the head needs to be sewn into one piece. Set the furry sides together again, and pin one seam of tux’s head (see picture). Sew along this seam, and stop. Repeat on the side opposite, and then do the same thing to the two remaining seams. (See picture for result) Sew the two seams at the bottom, where there is a slight removal of material together, and finish with sewing the end of the penguin together.
this is a great costume!<br><br>by the looks of the floor and the color scheme, the place you took the picture seems quite familiar!<br><br>what city do you live in?
Alexandria, pretty close to Washington D.C.
ok then, i suppose its justa similar color scheme and flor as my school :P
Were you at the greater DC Botball tournament?
I was indeed, and we won the match that tux cheered us on ;-)

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