Step 9: More Assembly

It’s time to put the derriere on Tux. This is going to be a very very annoying task, as it just doesn’t seem to fit. The answer to this is that it doesn’t, just pin it up and sew over the extra fabric. Fit the derriere piece of cloth in the general location it should go, and pin at the front, back, and each side of the derriere (see picture). Place more pins along the seam, until the cloth is as evenly divided as possible.
this is a great costume!<br><br>by the looks of the floor and the color scheme, the place you took the picture seems quite familiar!<br><br>what city do you live in?
Alexandria, pretty close to Washington D.C.
ok then, i suppose its justa similar color scheme and flor as my school :P
Were you at the greater DC Botball tournament?
I was indeed, and we won the match that tux cheered us on ;-)

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