Twacked tail light for an equally twacked bicycle

right so my daily rider bicycle is a beach cruiser i pulled out the dumpster and kludged to work.   i ride this bike instead of my lowrider and my gary fisher so i dont turn too many heads and attract attention from gang members and police. i already have been assaulted by people trying to steal my nicer bikes, and ticketed by nosy pigs.    so i have a grip of flashlights and medicine bottles and blown inner tubes just chillin around the house and i put them together to make an epic kludge

Step 1: Materials

a flashlight  with a head that will snugly fit into the cap of the medicine bottle

a medicine bottle

electrical tape

some innter tube


Step 2: Install the flashlight

its easier to put the flashlight on the frame the idea is just like this instructable. where you mount the light is up to you i decided to put it by the coaster break so traffic behind and to the left of me as i ride on the right side of the road sees me.  

so just cut a small section of inner tube off like a rubber band and do the do

Step 4: Put bottle on flashlight

put the bottle on the flashlight. and ur done.   ill post an instructable about my lowriders headlights later on...
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