Tweed-look Pom Hat


Introduction: Tweed-look Pom Hat

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This tweed-look hat, shown in a red/brown combo, was an experiment in trying a new stitch pattern. It came out better than anticipated! The sample hat was knit in the round on a size 8 16" circular needle, from cuff to crown in basic worsted weight wool and wool-blend (red Patons Classic Wool and brown Queensland Kathmandu Aran.) After the K2, P2 rib, the simple tweed pattern is formed by alternating two rounds plain knit in the first color with two rounds K1, K1B in the second color. The crown decreases to 3 stitches which are knit into a long I-cord, with bouncy pompom attached on the end.  Pattern at



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    Pretty cool - I love the whole look

    hey do u no how to make a floppy beret? i mean, u seem to no how to make so many other types of berets, right?

    The pom pom is very cute. (so is the entire hat!)

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    Thanks very much! I enjoyed coming up with that finishing touch that seems to be the perfect topper!


    One of my favorites, too!

    Absolutely stunning hat design! Definitely a favorite of mine!! Blue & black would make a nice hat for GorillazMiko & for anyone else that might comment on your slideshow!! :)

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    Glad you like it! Lots of color combinations could work with this design.

    Nice, looks awesome. I would love to have one of these, especially with the recent cold weather down here near Los Angeles. Do you think you could make a blue and black one? That would be cool! You don't have to, I was just wondering.

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    Then it would be the Black & Blue Pom Hat!