Picture of Tweeting WiFi Radio Control Panel
This is an update to my Standalone WiFi Radio Control Panel , which enables it to tweet the currently playing song and station.  The project is based on an AdaFruit Boarduino, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller platform, with an Ethernet shield, an LCD, and a rotary encoder.

It uses the Ethernet Shield to communicate with the radio and control the station, and this update now enables it to connect to twitter and post a "now playing" message to @SchampsNetRadio .  The message is of the following format:  "Now playing on station <STATION_NAME>: <ARTIST> - <TITLE>", for example (from this tweet )
"Now playing on station Illinois Street Lounge: Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tide"

The Arduino source code is attached.  This was relatively easy to set up, following the instructions here: and adding the necessary libraries to the sketch.  You'll have to get your own OAUTH code and update the source to use it.

For the latest version of the source, check this GitHub repository

Update, 6/12/2011, 8:00pm CST:  I found some bugs in the code, so I updated it in the git repo, and attached a new version here.  Also, I wanted to plug my favorite internet radio provider, SomaFM, which I use this WiFi radio for.  They're awesome, and I listen to a number of their stations.  One is on almost all the time.  Go, listen, and give them money!
Awesome! I love the look of your radio, its so cool!
schazamp (author)  Kaptain Kool3 years ago
Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't remember where that box came from or what it was for, probably my grandparent's house. It probably has a more interesting story than the radio control panel it now finds itself committed to.
Rats, I think it would be cool to have a box like that!