Step 4: Install Heyu

Picture of Install Heyu
Heyu is the Linux command line application that we will use to interface with the CM11A. Unfortunately, detailed instructions on how to install Heyu are out of the scope of this Instructable. Basic steps for Ubuntu are listed below.

Basic steps are:
- Download the latest version of Heyu (here )
- Decompress the file (tar zxvf heyu-VERSION.tgz)
- Change to the directory where it was decompressed (cd heyu-VERSION/)
- Run the configure application (./Configure)
- Run make (make)
- Run make install as the super user (sudo make install)

Now, if you run "heyu on B7" at the command line the light should turn on. If it doesn't, you may need to edit the heyu config file. The heyu FAQ page is a good place to start.

 HEYU is a trademark of Daniel B. Suthers.
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