Step 1: No They Are NOT Over-ripe.....

Okay, for those who are not familiar with plantains, unlike bananas, they are in fact not over-ripe when they look like the picture I have supplied. Plantains have three 'stages' of ripeness, each of which are useful in their own way for cooking/preparing or using them in various recipes.

There is a green stage (which looks like an under-ripe banana), the yellow or yellow with dark splotches (like the picture) stage, and black stage . When a plantain is green it is not very sweet, is more crisp and can be peeled and prepared like you would prepare/cook potatoes. When a plantain is black it is very sweet, fairly soft and can be peeled and made into desserts. When a plantain is either yellow or yellow with dark splotches as shown in the picture, it can be fried and accented with any desired seasoning; sweet, salty, or with any seasonings you wish as it is somewhat of a blank canvas, a neutral (but semi-sweet) fibrous fruit.

But enough about plantain ripeness. In this Instructable, I will be describing how to cook plantains that are yellow with dark splotches.

Let's make the first step about what we'll need in order to make this dish:

-1 or more plantains - yellow with dark splotches
-Walnut oil (You have to look hard in the grocery store, but should be able to find it)
-Olive oil (While olive is ideal, Canola would be a reasonable alternative)
-Honey (whatever kind you like)
-Ground cinnamon
-Shelled (which is to say, NOT in the shell) walnut - You can get bags of shelled walnut at the grocery store)

-You'll need a small or medium frying pan. I prefer one with beveled bottom edges and try to use the smallest one I can get away with since it reduces the amount of oil needed.

-A medium plate, but not paper or styrofoam or anything which can't safely handle hot oil

-A good sharp knife with a blade about 4-6 inches long; a chef's knife, santoku, or whatever you prefer or have handy

That's about all you'll need. I purposefully did not give amounts of the ingredients because they will become self-evident during the course of the preparation and will be dependant upon the quantity being prepared and the size of the pan utilized (in the case of the amount of oil needed).

***A quick word about the nutrition of this recipe:

-Oils: I call out two oils (walnut and olive) which are very healthy for you and promote good (HDL) cholesterol in the blood.
-Plantains: they are very high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and promote great digestion and intestinal health, which in turn promotes vitality and natural immunity to illness.
-Honey: it is a reasonably healthy and natural sugar, is a natural antibiotic, and is high in energy content.
-Cinnamon: this spice is probably neither good nor bad for you.
-Walnuts: known to strengthen the kidneys and lungs, lubricate the digestive system and improve metabolism. considered to be good for the blood.

In other words, there's really nothing BAD for you in this recipe. That being said, please be mindful of the calories consumed. Eat in moderation. The dish itself is absolutely good for you (so long as you have no allergy to any of the ingredients).

Ok, on to the next step......
This sounds awesome! I can't wait to try it...
i cut them into chips instead, fried them with vegatable oil, and for the honey plate, i used maple syrup, butter, and nutmeg. delicious
Dude I just tried these and they're awesome, and they do taste just like sticky buns! I set my stove a little higher than medium to shorten the cooking time. They turned out well, but I had to watch them carefully and make sure they didn't over-cook and go too dark (had a few pieces get charred). What a quick and easy dish....easier and faster to make than sticky buns (by a LONG shot) but taste just as good. I'd never bought plantains before...never knew what they were good for. But after reading your instructable I knew just what to get and knew exactly what to do with them. +++!
Okay I got the pictures loaded. They're not the best but I'm not a photographer and it's the best I could muster with my old camera. I think they do the job of illustrating how it's done.
You did a fantastic job!<br/>I can't wait to try them- the pictures look <em>delicious</em>.<br/>
Got your message, had to check this out. Amazing job, it looks delicious!
I actually tried these and I can't believe how tasty they are. I was a little dubious at first - I've never had plantains before and have only ever seen recipes that required salt and garlic - but just the smell of them cooking in the honey made my mouth water. They taste AMAZING! My husband wants to cook them again on the weekend! Luckily, plantains are only 49c each at the supermarket!
That's fantastic. It's so great to hear that someone else has tried it and loved it. It was really just an experiment gone right in my kitchen and I couldn't resist coming on here and sharing it so others could check out this neat culinary phenomenon.
Sounds yummy, you should post some pictures thought (that you said you'll be posting soon). I can't wait to see them!
Some pictures of the mashing and coating with honey would be welcome as well. I initially thought you were going to mash the plantains to pulp, but that's obviously not what you're doing. Some visual clarification for the reader would be useful.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Tostones-Fried-Plantains/?ALLSTEPS">This isntructable</a> suggests using the side of a cleaver to flatten the plantains - seems easier to me, but perhaps they might not soak up as much honey that way.<br/>
Yes, I'll be adding pictures soon. I made some clarifications of the squashing process on that step. Hopefully that will make things clearer until the pictures are uploaded. I also went ahead and clarified the reason for using a fork instead of something perfectly smooth and flat like a cleaver. Thanks for your input, Patrik, and thank you for taking the time to look at this instructable. I wish you bon apetite if you try it!
Sounds delicious! I'd love to see a picture of the finished product.
Woohoo the first comment to my first instructable! Thanks canida. I do expect to have more pictures this weekend.

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